Axes and Sheathes

Our Razor Throwing Axes are the only competition throwing axes manufactured in the USA. They meet all U.S. Axemans, North American Lumberjack Association and Canlog regulations.

Handcrafted in the USA using state of the art technology.

All Razors have 6" bits, a 5/32" drift pin in place and come with a 28" American Hickory handle.

We offer two standard sizes - 2lbs 15oz and 3lbs 5oz (total axe weight including head, drift pin, handle and wedge).

Our experience has shown that small stature adults and teens should throw the lighter axe. For men and very experienced women, we recommend the heavier axe.

Junior size axes are available. They are non-regulation in size and weight but are ideal for the up and coming thrower or for ages 12 - 15. They have 5" bits and are 2lbs total axe weight.

We also offer Axe Sheaths - handmade using 5oz veg tanned cowhide. Each set is custom made so no two sets are alike.

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Please contact us with any questions or to find a retailer near you.

Razor Axes
Razor Axe Head
Appalachian Hardwood Handles
Our History and Work

Precision Axes is a small family operated business located in the central Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Five generations of our family have lived and worked in the forests of California. We have been selling axes for the last 6 years internationally. We are actively involved in the Timber Sports events in our area and are dedicated to preserving the traditional skills of the lumberjack. Our goal is to provide a high quality product at an affordable price that will last a lifetime.

Our axe heads are fabricated using plate steel. We've spent 3 years perfecting our design and the head is nearly indestructible. The edges are hardened and tempered and do not bend like the foreign throwing axes currently available. We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty on the head.

Other Axes and Handles

We make custom laminated hardwood handles for all types of axes -
contact us for pricing & photos & wood types.

We also make axes for all other uses. Contact us for information on single bit axes, kindling axes, heirloom/retirement axes.

Custom Handles and Heirloom Axes